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For whom is the proficiency testing in NDT designed for

Mutual comparison of NDT laboratories according to EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 “Conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing” is designed for all NDT laboratories willing to continuously improve and increase the confidence of customers or accreditation bodies in provided service.

What are the goals of providing the proficiency testing in NDT

Common goals in mutual comparison among laboratories are:
  • evaluation of efficiency of provided services of NDT laboratories and comparison of the results quality
  • improving the level of provided services of proficiency testing participants
  • continuous improvement of laboratory management
  • empowerment of the customer confidence in quality of the provided services
  • satisfying the accreditation requirements
The need of stable confidence into the laboratory efficiency is important not only for laboratories and its customers, but also for acrediting laboratories. There is also growing need for proficiency testing and other conformity assessment, e.g. inspection and product certification.

Conformity of ATG for providing the service of proficiency testing provider ATG

Czech accreditation institute issued ATG s.r.o. on 15. 11. 2013 the accreditation certificate No. 627 / 2013 for independent body "Proficiency testing provider ATG" No. 7012 (abb. PZZ ATG). Given accreditation applies to providing the proficiency schemes in NDT for methods ET, LT, MT, PT, RT, UT and VT. Accreditation was given under the rule of EN ISO/IEC 17043 requirements.

Way of the providing the service of proficiency testing provider in NDT

For every calendar year the ATG Ltd. publishes the scheme for selected methods of nondestructive testing (NDT) on its webpage. Every testing participant gets the specimen in the given term. This specimen fits to the scheduled scheme in particular NDT method, to perform the test and evaluate it. With this sample you will get other information and data necessary for proper performance.

A scheme goes in sequence. The Specimen is forwarded by the provider from one participant to the next one after the performed test.

Proficiency testing participant (each NDT laboratory) is kept on file anonymously under the identification code. Each participant of the proficiency testing gets the evaluation result of his efficiency and the final report, where is the comparison with other participants under identification code.

Plan of proficiency testing schemes for year 2014

For the year 2014 two proficiency testing schemes are listed: To be able to provide the testing schemes plan for next period, we notify the research of your kind requests. It is necessary, that the NDT laboratory, willing to take part on this testing, fill the form Gen-rules ZZ-2014.doc and send it to

Proficiency testing schemes realized in year 2013

In 2013 two proficiency testing schemes were realized. These were for methods PT and RT. Both programs were participated by 4 NDT laboratories.

Each participant can lodge an appeal or make a complaint on the result of testing.

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