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Services of NDT Level III

If your company implements or uses a system of employee certification with NDT Level III, we can help you with each point of this difficult process. We offer our services for tens of companies in whole Europe.

As an Outside Agency ATG offers these services
  • creation of NDT system documentation
    qualification transcriptions, written procedures, written instructions, specifications, protocols, calibration transcription for NDT devices and equipment, contextual NDT forms, ...
  • training of NDT Level I, II, III
  • creation of test exercises according to request in transcriptions
    testing samples security, contextual forms preparation
  • tests processing in full transcription range
  • additional trainings and tests processing during switch to another system
    qualification and certification, specialized trainings (standards and transcriptions interpretation, service of devices, radiograms analysis ...)
  • tests evaluation, make of protocols
  • issuing of documents
    certificates, document revision processing, actual lists maintenance, observing and updating of physical capability etc.), certification prolonging, recertification tests processing
  • consultancy and NDT Level III technical support
  • technical cover of NDT processing activity
  • audits and inspections processing
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