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Qualification levels

NDT qulification in Level I
will give you the basic knowledge and practice experiences to provide non-destructive testing. You will be authorized to provide testing and record the results, not to evaluate the results and sign the final reports.

NDT qulification in Level II
Workers with this L2 qualifiaction are responsible for preparing written practices, testing and evaluating of all results and material discontinues. The level 2 qualification can be obtained in "direct" access too. That means to attend the training course for the Level 1 and 2 together, after this training you can continue to the final exam directly in Level 2.

NDT qualification in Level III
As the Level III NDT specialist you will be highly responsible for all company's processes like: developing, qualifying and approving procedures, establishing and approving techniques, interpreting codes, standards, specifications and procedures; and designating the particular NDT methods, techniques and procedures to be used.

Direct access to Level II
For direct access to the qualification level 2, the trainee have to attend training of level 1 and 2. Afterwards, he can go directly to level 2 exam.

Certification systems

If you will have any questions, you can contact:

All our courses can be graduated under the following systems:

These courses are based on requirements of the European ISO 9712 standard (In the Europe as well as in Czech Republic). On completion of the course trainees will be prepared for successful passing of the examination at independent examination body (for example QC Plzen - Czech Republic). After passing this examination trainees can ask for the certificate issuing at certification body (e.g. APC - Association for personnel certification, Reaktortest (Slovakia), SektorCert BRD, CWS ANB (Czech welding society), etc.).

This system is based on the recommended practice ASTN SNT-TC-1A, standard NAS 410 and EN 4179 etc., under own employers system or with support of Hartford Steam Boiler International (international certification body).

These courses are based on the requirements of each employer. On completion of the course and successful pass of the final examination employees will be fully prepared for work at the specified employer. The certification can be done by the personnel qualified at Level III, which is recognized and approved by specific employer for these activities. You can find more details about this system in section Outside Agency services.
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