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Qualification of our NDT personnel

NDT personnel process and provide activities directly in ATG Ltd. even for external customers (trough Outside Agency). These operators are both qualified and certified by employer (according to SNT-TC-1A, EN 4179, NAS 410 standards) and owners of independent certificates according to ISO 9712 in NDT Level III.

Independent certificates have been brought out on the basis of fulfilling the requirements of European standard EN ISO 9712 (either from certification association APC according to Std 101 or SECTOR Cert or Reactortest). Moreover chosen operators own certificates entitling them to test pressure devices according to requirements of PED (97/23/EC) - APC system according to Std. 104 or Sector Cert.

ATG Slovakia inspectors certified in Level III

Ing. Rastislav Sabol UT
Ing. Ivan Ščasný VT, PT
Dr. Pavol Valkovský PT

ATG Slovakia inspectors certified in Level II

Ing. Rastislav Sabol VT,PT,MT,RT
Ing. Ivan Ščasný MT,ET
Roman Dorňák VT,PT,MT,UT,RT,LT
Ing. Luboš Šály VT,PT,MT,UT
Dr. Pavol Valkovský VT,PT,MT,UT,LT2HS
Ing. Martina Ježová VT,MT,PT,RT
Ing. Ivan Vavro VT,PT,MT,RT
Peter Leško VT,PT,MT,UT
Peter Prekop VT,PT,MT
Jakub Ščasný MT
Darina Štefanková PT
Miroslava Gregáňová PT

Certification of ATG Slovakia welding inspectors

Ing. Martina Ježová IWI-S
Ing. Rastislav Sabol IWI-S
Ing. Ivan Ščasný IWI-S

ATG (Advanced Technology Group) inspectors certified in Level III

Ing. Václav Jandura, Ph.D. RT, UT, MT, PT, ET, VT, LT, FT
Ing. Václav Bízek, CSc. RT
Ing. Jiří Blahůšek UT
Ing. Zbyněk Zavadil RT, PT, TCS
Ing. Pavel Mudřík RT, MT, PT, VT
Ing. Petr Tichý RT, UT, MT, PT, ET, VT, LT, FT
Josef Krejča PT, UT, MT
Pavel Mařánek RT, PT, MT, VT
Ing. Jan Matoušek RT, UT
Ing. Vlastimil Válek UT, MT, PT, ET, VT
Ing. Petr Žbánek UT, MT, ET
Ing. Michal Škeřík RT, PT, VT, MT, IRT (TT)
Ahmed Sharf, M.Sc., Ph.D. PT, VT
Ing. Jan Švub MT, VT, LT
Ing. Jiří Cieslar MT, PT, RT, VT
Ing. Tomáš Zavadil MT, PT, UT, VT
Ing. Miroslav Roxer ET, MT, LT
Ing. Valerij Makarov UT, VT
Ing. Evgeny Sazonov MT, PT
Stanislav Juráček, DiS. RT, MT, PT, VT
Ing. Pavel Gabriška RT, MT, PT, UT, VT
Ing. Roman Lev RT
Ing. Andrei Ozerov VT

Certification of ATG (Advanced Technology Group) welding inspectors

Ing. Václav Jandura, Ph.D. EWI-S, IWI-S
Ing. Zbyněk Zavadil EWI-S, IWI-S
Pavel Mařánek EWI-S, IWI-S
Ing. Jiří Miklo EWI-S, IWI-S
Ing. Vlastimil Válek EWI-C, IWI-C
Ing. Michal Škeřík EWI-S, IWI-S
Ing. Andrej Mlích, Ph.D. EWI-S, IWI-S, IWE
Ing. Josef Prokop EWI-S, IWI-S
Ing. Petr Žbánek EWI-S, IWI-S
Ing. Jiří Cieslar EWI-S, IWI-S, PWT, IWE
Ing. Evgeny Sazonov IWE, CWI

Authorized inspectors for PED (HSB International)

Ing. Václav Jandura
Ing. Jiří Miklo
Ing. Jan Matoušek
Pavel Mařánek
Ing. Andrej Mlích, Ph.D.
Ing. Jiří Arenberger

Authorized inspectors for ASME

Ing. Jiří Miklo
Ing. Andrej Mlích, Ph.D.
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