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We organize courses for NDT personnel Level I, II and III in our training centers. ATG is one of the most important training centers of the "special processes" in Europe.
All courses for NDT personnel - Level I, II and III are organized at our training centres.

Training and qualification of the NDT personnel is in accordance with the following standards
  • EN 473
  • EN 473 - VT2dw
  • EN 4179 for aerospace industry - JAR 145.30
  • SNT-TC-1A
See further information about our training courses - section Training courses.

VT training according to standard VT2dw

This course is concerned with DIRECT VISUAL TESTING OF WELDING JOINTS.
NDT Level 2 VT2DW has the limited qualification only for direct visual testing of welding joints with an authority to sign a report regarding the quality assessment. This qualification and certification does not provide eligibility to carry out testing in other product sector than welds, and as well does not qualify for indirect testing. Training is completed with an exam by the independent testing center and after submitting an application the certification is followed.

VT training according to standard ISO 17637

This system determines the qualification and certification of NDT personnel for examination of the fusion weld joints of the metal materials.

The program of the qualification and certification for the personnel providing the testing of the fusion weld joints in accordance with EN 970 / ISO 17637 is established by guideline ATG G11-06. The qualification system was established on the base of the industry requirements, on industrial products users and is based on requirements of international standards.

Established qualification reflects needs of the qualified personnel for VT performance on the weldments, evoked by growth of the quality systems requirements in the welding procces in accordance with European and American standards. The responsibility of these qualified personnel needs the correct theoretical and practical experience from the sphere of the visual testing.

Workers having this qualification are able to determine visual testing of fusion welds to ensure the good quality of metal materials joints in every single stage of production process (before the welding, during the welding process and after the welds finalization) or these workers can directly provide the VT testing.

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