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VT - Testing and services

VT tesing process
Methodical requirements for VT are established by standards, codes, specifications and customer requirements.

Basic methodical standards are EN ISO 17637 (for welds), general standard EN 13018 and then in welding (w) sector EN ISO 5817 and EN ISO 10042, in casting (c) sector EN 12454 and EN 1370 and for tubing (t) sector EN 10208-1, for hot-rolled plates EN 10163-1, 2, 3.

The most important and the most often required US standards and specifications for VT are i.e. ASTM A-802 (catalogue SCRATA) and MSS-SP-55 for casting.

We test in labs and also in site
The visual examination is performed in our / customer lab facilities as well as in site. Boroscopes with turning prism are used for standard testing inner spaces with direct inputs. Inspection of inner spaces with indirect inputs is provided by videoscope iPLEX with changing objectives. We have several sets of testing gauges for welds, photographs MSS-SP-55 and replicas SCRATA (according to ASTM A-802) for evaluation of alloys and industrial endoscopes, all for processing of VT testing.

Services of NDT Level III
  • qualification of the NDT personnel
  • preparing of the Written Procedures, methodical performance of the testing, acceptance criteria
  • laboratory testing / in site testing
  • outputs and inspection reporting
  • expertise guarantees, methodical and legislative activities

We offer consultancy services for your clients. Our specialists recommend you suitable methods, specify correct technique for your application (testing sensitivity), warn about the possible limitations, optimize the testing parameters, chose the equipment and aids, prepare the written instructions, safety instructions, design the workplace / laboratory, etc.
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