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Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) / Penetrant Testing (PT) services

Testing on our own FPI/PT line
For the penetrant testing or fluorescent penetrant tesing we use fully equipped line using emulgation or post-emulgation techniques with high sensitivity of testing. Testing on the penetration line is effective especially for mass production (commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industry). The entire process is performed by experienced and highly skilled PT NDT level 2 operators and overseen by PT NDT level 3 inspector.
  • FPI/PT Penetration testing of non-ferromagnetic products (e.g. Al and Mg forgings, castings) with the capacity of hundreds of pieces per day. The FPI/PT line is located in Ziar nad Hronom (Slovakia).
  • FPI/PT penetration lines using post-emulgation process are designed for higher sensitivity level of testing

Testing process of PT
Methodical requirements for PT are established by standards, codes, and specifications and also by customer requirements.

Basic set of relevant EN standards is EN 571-1 + EN ISO 3452 -2 up to 4. Acceptance criteria for particular kinds of tested parts are defined by following standards. In welding (w) sector EN 1289, in forging (f) sector EN 10228-2, in casting (c) sector EN 1371-1 and 2 and for tubing (t) sector EN 10246-11.

The most important and the most often required US standards and specifications for PT are ASTM E 1417, ASTM E 165, AMS 2644, acceptance criteria are described for example in standard AMS-STD-2175 (castings).

Testing directly on projects
The tests are performed by manual process using mobile testing sets (color and/or fluorescent) directly on site. Based on the clients requirements and legal rules there are inspection reports prepared with description of the inspection founding.

For further enquiries please contact:
+ 421 905 583 578

Services of NDT Level III
  • qualification of the NDT personnel
  • preparing of the Written Procedures, methodical performance of the testing, acceptance criteria
  • laboratory testing / in site testing
  • outputs and inspection reporting
  • expertise guarantees, methodical and legislative activities

Our specialists are prepared to recommend you suitable methods, specify correct technique for your application (testing sensitivity), warn about the possible limitations, optimize the testing parameters, chose the equipment and aids, prepare the written instructions, safety instructions, designs the workplace / laboratory, etc.
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