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Testing process in UT
The ultrasonic testing has very wide range of applications. Due to wide range of UT applications there is very wide basis of relevant standards. The most important are for example
  • weld inspection: EN 1712, EN 1713, EN 1714, ...
  • forgings inspection - EN 10228-3, ...
  • automatic steel pipe inspection: EN 10246-7, ...
  • foundry sector: EN 12680-1, ...
  • thickness measurement: EN 14127, ...

Services of NDT Level III
  • qualification of the NDT personnel
  • preparing of the Written Procedures, methodical performance of the testing, acceptance criteria
  • laboratory testing / in site testing
  • outputs and inspection reporting
  • expertise guarantees, methodical and legislative activities

We offer to our clients consultancy services. Our specialists recommend you suitable methods, specify correct technique for your application (testing sensitivity), warn about possible limitations, optimize testing parameters, chose equipment and aids, prepare written instructions, safety instructions, design the workplace / laboratory, etc.

Types of testing
Ultrasonic method uses for detection bounce of ultrasonic waves from discontinuities or flaws. It makes ultrasonic useful for metal and non-metal material checking. Big advantage of this method is the possibility to check semi-product with big thickness (for forgings even a few meters)
  • weld inspection
  • inspection of steel flat products
  • forging inspection
  • pipe inspection
  • casting inspection
  • thickness measurement

Main application of UT
  • automatic ultrasonic inspection of semi-products (tubes, rods, welds)
  • corrosion checking via guided waves
  • support RBI (risk based inspection) - inspection pursuant to rated risks for higher maintaining expenses efficiency

Our equipment
  • ultrasonic devices (pulse echo technique, transmission technique)
  • standard set of UT probes
  • ultrasonic calibration blocks and referential gauges
  • ultrasonic hardness tester and thickness meters
  • ultrasonic manipulators and systems
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